Panama - Latin, Calypso & Funk ... [Jazz]

RELEASE: 31.03.2006

LABEL: Soundway

VERTRIEB: Groove Attack

Western musical connoisseurs have often overlooked the contribution of Panama. Even those specializing in Latin music tend to focus on the triangle of Cuba / Puerto Rico / New York or head further south to Brazil. This compilation aims to redress the balance and show that the music of Panama can stand up and be counted among the very best, whether it be saucy calypso, smoking funk or straight Latin fire.

This album represents an important departure for Soundway, being their first collection of music from outside the African continent. Just as with previous releases, the fruit of numerous trips to Panama and days spent digging through dusty basements is this selection of cuts never before released outside Panama sourced from long-deleted albums or obscure 45s. They have all been carefully licensed and re-mastered and sound as vibrant and relevant today as the day they were released.

The music of Panama reflects the melting-pot diversity of the country itself, ranging from the musica tipica (mestizo folk music) influenced by the cumbia and vallenato of Columbia to the South, through Afro-Cuban sounds such as the son, rumba, guaracha and guaguanco, to mento and proto-Calypso arriving from Jamaica and Trinidad. This rich mix was further enhanced with rancheras, boleros, foxtrots and military marches being brought South by Mexican soldiers and Afro-American jazz and gospel also filtered in from the port at New Orleans.

As with all Soundway releases, the emphasis is on music that works on the dancefloor, rather than typically 'world music' authenticity, Soundway look for fusions of local and international styles, crazy cover versions and rare and original sounds – just as long as they are heavy enough to make the people move. The album will be accompanied by a detailed and lovingly researched booklet featuring reproduced original artwork and rare photos of the artists at the time.


01. Los Exagerados – Panama Esta Bueno y … Ma
02. The Exciters – Exciters Theme
03. Bush y Sus Magnificos – Nana Nina
04. Victor Boa y Sus Musica –Soy Solo Para Ti
05. Freddy y Sus Afro Latinos – Maltrato
06. Papi Brandao y Su Ejecutivos – Viva Panama
07. Los Silvertones – Old Buzzard
08. Los Fabulosos Festivals – El Mensaje
09. The Exciters – The New Bag
10. Bolita y Su Tentacion Latina – Descarga Tentacion
11. Los Caballeros de Colon – Con Los Caballeros
12. Los Dinamicos Exciters feat. Ralph Weeks – Let Me Do My Thing
13. Los Mozambiques – Viva Tirado
14. Maximo Rodriguez y Sus Estrellas Panamenas – Mambologia
15. Lord Cobra and Pana-Afro Sounds – Rocombey

(Quelle: PR | Groove Attack, 3.2.2006)

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