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No Sacrifice, No Victory [Hard / Heavy]

RELEASE: 20.02.2009

LABEL: Nuclear Blast

VERTRIEB: Warner Music Group

Formed in Göteborg, Sweden, in 1993 by guitarist Oscar Dronjak. Early line-ups included members from In Flames and Dark Tranquillity, most notably Jesper Strömblad, who continued to write songs together with Oscar and singer Joacim Cans despite ... MORE


Night Electric Night [Hard / Heavy]

RELEASE: 30.01.2009

LABEL: Nuclear Blast

VERTRIEB: Warner Music Group

Nach drei langen Jahren des Wartens, ist endlich der Nachfolger des überaus erfolgreichen Albums “Termination Bliss” im Kasten. Und es ist ein Schmuckstück in Sachen Depression, Sex und Rock geworden. “Night Electric Night” ist heavy und dunkel, ... MORE


Zombieactionhauptquartier [Hard / Heavy]

RELEASE: 28.11.2008

LABEL: Nuclear Blast

VERTRIEB: Warner Music Group

Callejon ist eine fünfköpfige Screamometal Band aus Köln und pflügt sich seit 2003 seinen Weg durch die überwucherte Musiklandschaft. Kredenzt wird ein furioser Cocktail aus alles zerstörendem Metal und emotionalen Melodien die sofort ins Ohr ... MORE


Tinnitus Sanctus [Hard / Heavy]

RELEASE: 14.11.2008

LABEL: Nuclear Blast

VERTRIEB: Warner Music Group

EDGUY started as a high school band in 1992 playing traditional metal. Mainly intended to be a counterpoint to the Grunge music, which was incredibly popular at that time. The fourteen years old friends made the first musical steps with covering ... MORE


Lucifer Rising [Hard / Heavy]

RELEASE: 03.10.2008

LABEL: Nuclear Blast

VERTRIEB: Warner Music Group

The ultimate Doom Metal supergroup strikes back! Enforced by Texan vocal god Robert Lowe (SOLITUDE AETURNUS) since the last album "King of the grey islands" (2007), songwriting genius Leif Edling and his Swedish Doom gang return with their latest ... MORE

Sonic Syndicate

Love And Other Disasters [Hard / Heavy]

RELEASE: 19.09.2008

LABEL: Nuclear Blast

VERTRIEB: Warner Music Group

Sonic Syndicate sind nach einem fantastischen Jahr und ihrem Debütalbum “Only Inhuman” zurück… “Love And Other Disasters” bringt die Band auf ein weiteres, höheres Level mit mehr Abwechslung, mehr Energie und einer allgegenwärtigen, ... MORE


Undead Indeed [Rock / Alternative]

RELEASE: 01.08.2008

LABEL: Nuclear Blast

VERTRIEB: Warner Music Group

From the 80's to the new millenium Tarot was originally formed by the Hietala brothers in the early 80's. Back then the band's name was called "Purgatory". As Purgatory reached the point when they got the record deal, the label wanted Purgatory to ... MORE


Death Prevails [Hard / Heavy]

RELEASE: 25.07.2008

LABEL: Nuclear Blast

VERTRIEB: Warner Music Group

Dear metal maniacs! Please fasten your seatbelts and watch your jaws drop – the following info will be unbelievable as well as unexpected! Without saying a word the music of HACKNEYED tells enough already – modern death metal with its very own ... MORE

Chrome Division

Booze, Broads And Beelzebub [Hard / Heavy]

RELEASE: 18.07.2008

LABEL: Nuclear Blast

VERTRIEB: Warner Music Group

Chrome Division. The Essence of Rock and Metal music. It’s all about sex, drugs and Rock ‘n Roll. Or as they put themselves: Booze, Broads and Beelzebub! It all began the summer of ’04. Shagrath of Dimmu Borgir summoned his long time friends Lex ... MORE


Sagas [Hard / Heavy]

RELEASE: 27.06.2008

LABEL: Nuclear Blast

VERTRIEB: Warner Music Group

In 2001, a band was formed in Bavaria, Germany. First, only for one gig, but after the audience was left stunned and begging, the band decided to continue. They chose the name EQUILIBRIUM and released a Demo in 2003. This Demo not only sold like ... MORE

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